Services: Fine Art Reproduction and Web Images

Fine Art Reproductions

We provide copy services for your fine art pieces that will open other options for exposure and revenue. Most artistic mediums such as oil paintings, waters colors etc. are limited to the single original the artist creates. Using a photographic copy process we are able to offer artistically faithful reproductions of your art work and supply digital files for web sites, advertising and direct sales. Your image copies can be placed into less expensive price brackets growing your exposure with a wider audience, and enables the use of your images in other commercial areas such as greeting cards or even as promotional material for you. The same process applies to 3D art such as sculpture, jewelry, pottery and installation pieces, but the process of lighting and imaging can be a little more involved to ensure the dimensionality is preserved. In all cases we strive to ensure the copy is faithful to the original intent. 

While many artists today are only requiring digital files for uses described above, when it comes time for prints they are made when ordered limiting your costs, and by using the latest technology every print matches the first so there is no need to order large runs of a print to ensure that they match.

Slides of your work are also available and can be made from the digital files created at capture. These have been requested for art show entries or other uses where digital files are not appropriate.

Digital image files (jpg or tiff) can be made available on CD for submission to schools, contests, galleries and advertising. We can design a web gallery portfolio or slide show for you to help you gain greater exposure, contact us if you are interested.

How the Copy Process works: While we can create prints from your slides or digital files it is preferred to have us copy directly form the original to ensure the best possible match is achieved in both color, texture, and shape. After your work is delivered we attach it to a specially designed easel to ensure the work is not damaged yet will provide the highest quality copy. From here it is imaged to the resolution required. Print giclee reproduction requires the highest resolution copies while advertising, show entries and the web are best with smaller files. We offer you a choice to save you money and ensure you get what you are really requiring. The digital files are then processed on our color calibrated imaging computers and matched to the original.

We are able to provide you with your choice of output: Available as Digital files (resolution sized for your needs in jpg or tiff) with web download or CD delivery.

Basic 2D Artwork digital Capture
Best for WEB use, Portfolio, Advertising
High resolution 2D Digital Capture
For High resolution large size prints
3D Art Work Digital Capture
Reproduction of sculpture, pottery, or multimedia materials with
significant surface texture
Travel Charges
Additional fees may apply for location work if the
items can not be brought to our studio

Art Work By Ron Rundo and others by various artisits