Alan Mitchell began his life-long love of photography as a high school student in Edmonton, Canada. His inspirations were old Life magazines (this was still the 70's...) and the works of Cartier Bresson, Alfred Steiglitz, and Ansel Adams. He rediscovered his passion and picked up the camera again after 20 yearsAlan Mitchell and has been actively engaged in the creation of new images ever since. A resident of New Mexico since 1995, he finds inspiration in the local culture, landscape, and objects observed in his travels to various places around the world. Whether it is focusing on the details of nature, the interaction and expression of humanity on the earth or taking in the vast expanse of a landscape, Alan’s eye sees the beauty in the world before his lens. Capturing those images is the essence of his work.

Alan's Strong work ethic, passion for excellence and commitment to his clients has led to his success. He specializes in architectural photography, portraiture, performance reportage, product, still life, and event coverage. His expertise with many styles of image production provide flexibility for the client to create any image requested. From the basics of hair and makeup to set creation and complex staging requirements, anything desired can be fabricated and developed into a client's concept.


Lake Louise Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada, Photo by Jill Stacey

Alan Mitchell at Lake Louise

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Gold Elements
YRC Corp.
Assignment Desk
Eastdil Secured
Baldwin and Obenauf
Ethicon Endo Surgery
Level 5
David Boland inc.
Sto Corp.
Northwestern Industries
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