Assignment Pricing

Assignment pricing is based on a creative fee, expenses and usage licensing. My goal is to meet your budget while ensuring your needs are met in a timely, high quality professional manner. This is a description of the pricing policies we use.

Assignment Photography Creative Fees

Prices are set on a creative fee plus production expenses and usage licensing. A creative fee is not an hourly rate but includes all preproduction set up, time while photographing, post production time, deadlines, media and format of photography, originality, the creative difficulty, and complexity to produce the requested images. As an example large format film requested to shoot a product would be priced differently than DX format digital for editorial work. Deadlines are another factor and if you require rush we can turn around many jobs with in 24hrs but at additional charges that can run up to 3x the original creative fee.

Production Expenses

These fees can include travel time to and from a location and all out-of-the-normal costs to create the image. If we have to build sets, purchase props, or other items required specifically for the requested photography these would normally be expensed. Location assignments may have travel time, air fare, car mileage costs, hotels, and meals. Under no conditions do we provide original receipts to our clients for expenses.

Licensing Fees

Fees are based on the reproduction rights that are licensed to the client. The type of usage including web and electronic display, circulation, region, and display size all play a part in the usage fees. All rights and full buy outs are almost always prohibitively expensive. It is always cheaper to buy the display rights required than to purchase all rights. We never sell our copyright. As an example the licensing fees based on a half page interior use for a regional magazine would be included in the requested quote. If during the creation the image use changed to the cover then additional fees would be charged. If greater usage is required later a contingent fee schedule can be provided.